Information for Participants


The registration process in the same for both traditional format of the conference in Brno and online format of the conference.

Active participants (presenter of paper)

Registration of papers has been closed.

The registration to the conference for active participants presenting a paper is done via the EasyChair conference submission system. After log-in, participants are required to enter all authors’ details and upload abstracts and full papers by the deadline. Your Submission ID will be important for payment. In order to participate as active participant, the registration must be made until the established deadline, the abstract and paper must be submitted until the established deadline and the payment must be received to our account until the established deadline. 

Passive participants (co-author; participants without paper)

Registration has been closed.

Attending co-authors and participants not presenting any paper at the conference are required to register in the registration form for passive participants and provide all required information. The conference fee is the same for active and passive participants. Variable symbol for passive participants is 1200041999 but do not forget to mention your name in payment details. In order to participate as passive participant, the registration must be made and the payment must be received to our account until the established deadline.

Conference Fees

The fee differs according to the chosen variant. The conference fee must be paid separately for each conference participant.

1. Traditional conference fee for personal attendance in Brno:

  • Regular fee (active, passive): 5400 CZK / 220 EUR
  • Fee for Ph.D. students: 3200 CZK / 120 EUR – the participant should send a scanned copy of their valid confirmation of study to before the payment to be entitled as students’ fee.

2. Online conference fee:

  • Regular fee (active, passive): 3200 CZK / 120 EUR
  • Fee for Ph.D. students: 2000 CZK / 75 EUR – the participant should send a scanned copy of their valid confirmation of study to before the payment to be entitled as students’ fee.


Both conference fee’s variants include the possibility of presenting ONE paper at MME 2020, a possibility of having one paper published as a first author in the conference proceedings after a successful review process, paper presentation at the conference and access to all conference sessions and keynote speeches.

The fee for traditional personal attendance also includes conference materials and refreshments (incl. 2 dinners, 3 lunches, coffee breaks) and traditional trip.

The accommodation and transport is not included in the registration fee. Participants should make accommodation reservations individually, directly to the selected hostel/hotel. Participants have to arrange visa at their own.

Payment Information

The conference fee is non-refundable.

If the traditional fee for personal attendance is paid, further change to online participation for justifiable reasons is possible, but the fee is non-refundable.

In order to receive an invoice, you should explicitly require the need for an invoice in the registration form. Invoices will be sent via email as a PDF attachment after the payment is made. Originals will be sent only if requested. If the bank transfer is ordered by a natural person, it is not possible to issue an invoice to a company or organisation afterwards. The invoice will be issued in CZK. 


There are 2 options available for participants how to make the payment.

1. Bank Transfer

Bank Account Number:

7200310267 / 0100

IBAN Code:

CZ70 0100 0000 0072 0031 0267

Bank Address:

KB Brno-Černá Pole, Merhautova 1, 631 32 Brno, Czech Republic



Variable symbol / Reference number: 


Variable symbol has 10 figures.

Active participants: Last 3 figures of variable symbol ("nnn") should be completed with your EasyChair ID that you will get after the registration.
Example: Submission 8 --> Variable symbol: 1200041008.

Passive participants: 1200041999

Message to the remittee / Note for beneficiary:

Please always include participant name in the payment details.

Participants are responsible for any wire transfer fees from their bank.

2. FLYWIRE (only for foreign accounts)

Participants paying from foreign accounts can use application Flywire which allows excellent exchange rates, fast and secure payments.

How to make the payment with Flywire? See this document with instructions how to make and assign your payment to MME 2020.  

Instructions for authors

See below short tutorials for submissions. 

--Abstract Submission and Paper Submission

Participants are invited to submit an abstract via the EasyChair conference submission system. Abstracts length should contain 12-16 lines (900 – 1200 characters) – the submission system does not allow the author to submit an abstract longer than 1200 characters. Abstract shall not contain images or mathematical formulas.

To register to the submission system (and to log in after registration), please visit the conference submission system page. 

Abstracts will be accepted continuously. Participants will receive information about acceptation to their email from EasyChair. 

Tutorial for the submission:

1. Click on registration link and log in to EasyChair conference system

If you already have an EasyChair account, use your user name and password to log in. Otherwise click on "Create an account" and proceed according to the instructions.

2. Choose “New Submission” in the top menu.

3. Follow the instructions and fill in the requested information:

  • author(s) information,
  • title and abstract of the contribution,
  • at least three keywords, one per line,
  • JEL code(s).
  • PhD students who want to participate in the PhD students competition must indicate this in respective question and upload signed application form in last field. 
  • If you wish to receive an invoice for accounting purposes, fill in the billing information.
  • If you agree with publishing your paper in conference proceedings, mark this in respective question

4. Upload your paper to the “Paper” part according to requirements below . The PDF version of the abstract is not required.

5. Click on “Submit” button. At any time, you can get back by clicking on “Submission #” in the top menu (# is the number of your submission). If you need to make any changes in your submission (update information, update authors' details, submit a new version or withdraw your submission), use the links on the right.

--Paper Requirements

Authors are invited to submit full papers of no more than 6 pages in length including results, figures and references. It is necessary to write the paper according to the instructions using the full paper templates provided below.

Please follow the provided templates and do not make any changes to the templates.

Use the conference submission system to update your submission and submit the full paper. You are required to upload ZIP file with BOTH PDF and source WORD or LATEX files! Please do not provide figures in a lower resolution than 600 DPI (300 DPI for photographs). Do not supply files that are too low in resolution or disproportionately large for the content. 

Full paper templates:
Word Template for MME 2020 LaTeX Template for MME 2020


Papers will be published in the conference proceedings after passing the review process and after the conference fee is paid. The conference proceedings will be submitted for indexing in the Web of Science database. 

Important Dates

  • 9.-11.9.2020 The Conference